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Petar Shalamanov
Petar Shalamanov

Logo and Brand Identity Designer. Need a logo for your project? I'm currently open for freelance opportunities. Feel free to reach out: shalamanovpetar@gmail.com Linktree: linktr.ee/petarshalamanov

  1. Mother Bear outdoor nature kids care cute baby sling baby carrier simple logo polar bear bear logo cub mom bear icon negative space logo animal
  2. 25 SELECTED LOGOMARKS 2017 branding logo designer mark symbol logofolio animal identity logomark logo
  3. Polar Bear logo mascot black flat graphic vector animal brand polar illustration icon simple head line bear brand identity logodesign
  4. Wolf design north black and white negative husky dog forest head logo wolf animal
  5. Kashmir Red Stag stag simple mark logos logo icon forest antler wildernes nature shalamanov deer
  6. Mother & Baby logo identity love care motherhood mom woman behance feminine minimal negative space newborn heart mother and baby
  7. Ram shalamanov icon logo line animal bighorn horn big mountain sheep stone ram
  8. Paradise Bird Logo shalamanov mark logodesign logo sky paradise black fly wings animal bird
  9. Plains Bison  plains bison design mark behance project animals endangered bison logos logo animal
  10. Seahorse water small unused concept letter mark logo design swim ocean sea s seahorse
  11. Schnickers vector branding design flat inspiration creative simple logos art logo handover vehicle car dealer minimal share negative space hands car
  12. Crow shalamanov tech factory logos mark unused animal bird logo robot micro crow
  13. Mother and baby shalamanov negative space child breastfeeding love moment mom logo mark motherhood baby mother
  14. Black Bird icon type shalamanov mark logos logo monogram letter animal b black bird
  15. Monoline Dog symbol identity animal logo minimalism linework template project one line vector branding illustration minimal line animal mark logo dog icon dog logo husky dog
  16. Antelope dacci gift mark logo elegant animal antlers antelope
  17. Fox  wolf shalamanov logos tail line minimal symbol logo mark unused animal fox
  18. Gorilla custom gaming pc store negative space logo gaming gorilla
  19. Owl logos mark logo wise flip dime coin bird owl
  20. Goat trees mascot service lawn mountain antlers identity identity design ibex simple shalamanov branding icon logo mark animals ram goat logo animal goat
  21. Horse elegant art shalamanov logo mark stallion line animal horse
  22. Elephant minimal cute logos unused mark icon line logo animal baby elephant
  23. Bears illustration icon logo bears unused learning childrens book children bear logo book mother cub negative space animal bear
  24. Running Box shalamanov logo negative space package gift express fast delivery sprint run box
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